Strong metal


15 Years Business Experience


Red River Galvanizing Inc. officially opened for business in October 2003. Our plant is fully equipped with an environment-friendly lead-free kettle with dimensions of 35 feet long by four (4) feet wide and nine (9) feet deep.

In addition, we have four 10-ton overhead bridge cranes with vibratory assist to facilitate superior galvanizing of material with a broad range of shapes and sizes. With these kettle dimensions and lifting capacities, we’re capable of galvanizing material up to 50 feet in length or up to 17 feet in height.


We’re committed to exceeding your expectations. All material is tagged and tracked throughout the entire process, from receiving the raw materials to packing the finished product for transportation. All our products meet the requirements of ASTM A123 as well as CSA G164. 

After the galvanizing process, we perform thorough inspections:

  1. Visual inspection is performed to ensure proper coverage over areas needing special attention, such as tight, small areas or material with lots of smaller connecting parts. All sharp edges or other extra metal is ground down to a finish. 
  2. Electromagnetic induction testing is also a part of inspection to ensure conformance with specifications.
  3. Finally, all material is tagged with the appropriate item numbers and bar codes for tracking. Materials that are to be bundled are accounted for before being packed together for transport.

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